Neuer Kurs - African Streetdance

Ab 06.02.23 - 17:00 - 18:30

We welcome you to the AFRICAN STREET DANCE (ASD) programm. The ASD programm mentored by Stone's Rock offers you a large variety of the most popular african dances including their cultural background.
With Afrohouse from Angola , Afrobeat from Nigeria and Ndombolo from Congo Stone's rock will make you travel through the african continent, teach you the different dance vibes & moves and moreover you will finally have the chance to discover the cultural dance background of your favorite moves.

By switching from one dance style to another Stone's will provide you with his best mix of african academic and street dance experience.
See you in the class.

About Stone's Rock
Born in Cameroon, where music, and dance act inseparable and are deeply rooted in the everyday consciousness of people Stone's has moved for years in his childhood between different african dances and rythms.
Surrounded during six years by international teachers and choreographers, his early passion for Afrobeat, afro contemporary, kizomba and other African dances and thus his musical ear has developed very fast in the national scene of cameroon.

Since his train to Europe in 2015 Stone's has developed his own identity in the dance scene. He showed his artistic talent with a high pedagogy level in his Workshops, normal and private classes  at different international festivals weekends around the world.

Speaking english, german and french as well he makes sure that his pupils have fun, by percieving and understanding what and how they should dance and the most important why is it important to listen, feel the vibe before to dance.

Stone's Rock
ASD Programm
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    Für eine Kurseinheit à 90 Min.
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    4er Karte - Regulär

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    8er Karte - Regulär

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    Für eine Kurseinheit à 90 min.
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    4er Karte - Vergünstigt*

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    8er Karte - Vergünstigt*

    Für 8 Kurseinheiten je 90 min.


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