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Palante Dance Project

The Rhythmic Soul of Mainz!

Imagine Pa'lante Dance Project: The rhythmic soul of Mainz. Pa'lante Dance Project is a dynamic dance group based in Mainz, Germany, and a proud dance project brought to life by Ritmovida. Founded in 2019, we are passionate about spreading the joy of dance and creating captivating performances that leave our audience spellbound.

Our choreographer, Ali Mirzazadeh, is a master in the art of dance and has brought his expertise to Mainz to guide our talented dancers. His unique choreography, innovative movements, and dedication to the art of dance have enriched our performances and elevated our dance style.

Pa'lante Dance Project is all about the rhythm, the soul, and the magic of dance. "Pa'lante" is a Spanish expression meaning "forward." We believe in the power of movement to connect people and tell stories without words. Our performances are a fusion of various dance styles, blending salsa, contemporary, and other forms to create a mesmerizing experience for our audience.

Catch us at various Salsa festivals, where we not only perform but also offer dance lessons. We are committed to sharing our love for dance and helping others find their own rhythm. Our dynamic presence on stage and in the classroom makes us a unique and cherished part of the Mainz dance community.

Join us on this dance journey, where we move to the beat of our hearts and inspire others to do the same. Pa'lante Dance Project is more than a dance group; we are a celebration of life, rhythm, and the power of movement. For bookings, please contact us at

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